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Horasis Annual Meeting
22-23 January 2013, Zurich, Switzerland
Horasis Annual Meeting 2013 - Restructuring with Sustainable Regeneration
Horasis held its fourth Annual Meeting in Zurich, 22-23 January, 2013. The Horasis Annual Meeting is the foremost annual gathering of business leaders from emerging and developed markets. The meeting's purpose was to advance solutions to the most critical challenges facing corporations today. The 2013 Horasis Annual Meeting focused on the scope for global institutional restructuring with sustainable regeneration following the recent financial recession and its attendant issues. Download the Report and visit the Photo Gallery.

A special panel with F.W. de Klerk, Former President of South Africa focused on the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate’s unique contribution to world history in initiating, leading and then handing on power to Nelson Mandela in what could be termed Africa's first Velvet Revolution. De Klerk emphasizing that he was convinced by the need to change when he assumed South Africa’s leadership in 1989. ‘Rather than making piecemeal concessions, I decided to accept the challenge of change and to end apartheid,’ he said.

The opening plenary, on the topic of restructuring and rebuilding F.W. de Klerk, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Participants made the following proposals at the close of the meeting:

  • First, nations and their institutions shall introduce a wide range of measures to support sustainability, transparency and responsibility.
  • Second, companies should genuinely embrace the wider world in which companies operate. All strategies and actions shall be oriented towards long-term goals.
  • And third, austerity needs now to be surpassed by growth initiatives. It will be more important than ever to champion economic growth globally.

Like in previous years, the Horasis Annual Meeting provided opportunities to interact with political leaders, Chief Executive Officers and investors from countries around the world.

The meeting co-chairs were:

Samir Brikho, Chief Executive Officer, AMEC, United Kingdom
Timothy Beardson, Chairman, Albert Place Holdings, Hong Kong
Surong Bulakul, Chief Financial Officer, PTT, Thailand
Mikael Hagstrom, President International, SAS Institute, USA
Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Hasbro, USA
Yoshito Hori, Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners, Japan
Sung-Joo Kim, Chairperson, MCM Holdings, Korea
Anil Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Ransat Group, United Kingdom
Datuk Vincent Lye, Director, Berjaya Assets Berhad, Malaysia
Tan Sri Dato' Azman Mokhtar, Managing Director, Khazanah Nasional, Malaysia
Angad Paul, Chief Executive Officer, Caparo Industries, United Kingdom
Vachara Phanchet, Chairman, Sittipol Holdings, Thailand
Wilfred Wong Wai, Chief Executive Officer, Hsin Chong Construction Group, Hong Kong
Stefan Winzenried, Chief Executive Officer, JANZZ, Switzerland


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