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Impressions from them 2010 meeting:
The recession might be ending soon but recovery from the global crisis will be gradual.
Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Hasbro, USA
The so-called Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism might be replaced by a model which favours long-term orientation instead of the usual practice of short-term profit taking and speculation, hence inheriting a more 'Asian' approach towards capitalism.
Esko Aho, Former Prime Minister of Finland; Executive Vice President, Nokia, Finland
While not the easiest path, by cooperating globally and by avoiding the Darwinian mindset of short-term capitalism, we can be better prepared to overcome the crisis.
Daniel J. Brutto, President, UPS International, USA
Resurgent BRICs will lead the global race for investments.
Niraj Sharan, Chairman, Aura, India
China continues to fare better than most countries and looks on track to meet the target of 9 percent GDP growth in 2010.
Chen Feng, Chairman, Hainan Airlines, China
We might see a strong rebound by the third quarter if everything goes right.
Yoshito Hori, Chairman, Globis Group, Japan
One has to expect that the recovery globally is not going to be symmetrical.
Sheikh Salman Al Khalifa, Chairman, Bahrain Petroleum Company, Bahrain
Horasis Annual Meeting
25-26 January 2011, Zurich, Switzerland

Horasis will hold the second Horasis Annual Meeting in Zurich, 25-26 January, 2011. The Horasis Annual Meeting aims to be the foremost annual gathering of business leaders from emerging and developed markets. The meeting's purpose is to advance solutions to the most critical challenges facing corporations today. The Horasis Annual Meeting is attended by Chief Executive Officers, government officials, and thought leaders that share a common interest in shaping and rebuilding our global economies. The Horasis Annual Meeting unites the world's major stakeholders for an open debate on the future.

The co-chairs are:

Ademola Adeyemi-Bero, Chief Executive Officer, BG Nigeria, Nigeria
Francois Barrault , Chairman and Founder, FDB Partners, France
Akil Beshir, Chairman, Telecom Egypt, Egypt
Nasir Ali Shah Bukhari, Chairman, KASB Group, Pakistan
Sandi Ceko, Chairman, Studio Moderna, Slovenia
Esther Dyson, President, EDventure Holdings, USA
Mark Foster, Group Chief Executive Global Markets, Accenture, United Kingdom
Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman, Hasbro, USA
Yoshito Hori, Chairman, Globis Group, Japan
Steve Killelea, Chairman, Integrated Research, Australia
Sung-Joo Kim, Chairwomen, MCM Holdings, Korea
Anil Kumar , Chief Executive Officer, Ransat Group, United Kingdom
Boris Nemsik, Chief Executive Officer (ret.), VimpelCom, Russia
Nicholas Parker, Chairman, Cleantech Group, Canada
Martin Richenhagen, Chief Executive Officer, AGCO, USA
Scott E. Rickert, Chief Executive Officer, Nanofilm, USA
Jean Rosanvallon, Chief Executive Officer, Dassault Falcon Jet, France
Edward Shenderovich, Founder and Managing Director, Kite Ventures, Russia
Niraj Sharan, Chairman, Aura, India
Guy Spier, Chief Executive Officer, Aquamarine Capital, Switzerland
Johan Staël von Holstein, Chief Executive Officer, Mycube, Singapore
Enki Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Giti Tire, China
Lynn Tilton, Chief Executive Officer, Patriarch Partners, USA
Alexander Wan, Senior Advisor, China Daily Asia, China
Kimberly Wiehl, Secretary General, Berne Union, United Kingdom

With the full support of Horasis' visions community, Horasis will convene 100 of the most prominent global leaders, to build on the success of the inaugural Horasis Annual Meeting convened in Zurich 2010. The 2011 Horasis Annual Meeting will provide a holistic overview of key economic, social and technological developments that will impact business for the future.

In addition to the Horasis Annual Meeting, Horasis hosts meetings with focus on China, India, Russia and the Arab world. Horasis - a global visions community committed to enact visions for a sustainable future - provides a unique platform for companies from emerging and developed markets to globalize their organizations.


Horasis is a global visions community committed to enact visions for a sustainable future. (http://www.horasis.org)

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