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Impressions from them 2012 meeting:
Russia can further promote the global economy in the process of growth and global cooperation.
HRH Crown Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg
We will follow through on our promised political reform.
Igor E. Manylov, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Russia
With the favorable conclusion of the Global Russia Business Meeting, Luxembourg has consolidated itself as a premier hub for Russian business.
Mikhail Shamolin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sistema, Russia
Russia needs to grow at least 6 percent a year to become one of the world´s five largest economies.
Esko Aho, Former Prime Minister of Finland
The biggest risks to the Russian economy were a global recession leading to a steep fall in demand for oil and gas.
Salavat Rezbaev, Chairman, Chairman, New Age Capital Partners, Russia
Russian firms have completed only one phase of the transformation necessary to thrive on a global level playing field.
John M Neill, Chairman, Unipart Group, United Kingdom
Russia´s economic outlook looks bright.
Anastasia Vysotkina, General Director, Regent Holding Company, Russia
Global Russia Business Meeting
14-15 April 2013, Limassol, Cyprus

The Global Russia Business Meeting is the foremost annual gathering of Russian business leaders outside Russia. More than 300 senior leaders from business and government met at the 4th Global Russia Business Meeting in Limassol, Cyprus, from 14 to 15 April 2013. The meeting was both opportune and relevant to provide a holistic and timely perspective on the future direction for Russia. Participants also considered Cyprus' current financial crisis and proposed - where appropriate - the potential actions that might restore stability on the island as well as within Europe as a whole. Please visit the Photo Gallery and download the Meeting Report.

Nicos Anastasiades, President of the Republic of Cyprus, addressed participants during the opening dinner. ‘The government of Cyprus offers Russia to continue to use Cyprus as preferred hub in the European Union,’ he emphasized. ‘Even though the current state of our economy might look gloomy, the medium- and long-term prospects remain good. Cyprus will prove it can bounce back,’ he continued. In a message to participants, His Beatitude Chrysostomos II., Archbishop of New Justiniana and all Cyprus, noted that the problems in Cyprus and Europe are not economic but spiritual ones. On Russia, he said that Cyprus 'is committed to continue our spiritual, cultural and economic relationships.'
His Beatitude Chrysostomos II., Archbishop of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, President of Cyprus, welcoming participants

Mikhail V. Kuzovlev, Chairman, Bank of Moscow, Russia, spoke to the assembly with optimism about the sweeping changes happening in Russia. He particularly stressed the increasing investment potential of Russia – 'our entry into the WTO will stimulate greater and more diversified trade between us and the rest of the world,' he said. Natalya Kaspersky, Chief Executive Officer, InfoWatch, Russia, remarked that 'Russia is a strong source of growth. The country’s positive outlook is based on solid economic foundations.'

Mikhail V. Kuzovlev, Chairman, Bank of Moscow, Russia Vladimir Chouikov, Chairman, Gotek Group

Participants reached consensus that

  • despite the woes of the world economy, Russia’s economy is strong and stable. However, the country is not immune to outside economic shocks. The biggest problem is the growing crisis in Europe in general and Cyprus in particular.
  • policy makers will need to take further steps to reduce the country’s dependence on revenue from oil and gas. The diversifying of the Russian economy shall lead to the emergence of knowledge-based industry clusters.
  • Russia needs to better the investment climate. With the WTO-entry, Russia is going to welcome more Foreign Direct Investment as well as trade.
  • The co-chairs were:

    Christodoulos Angastiniotis, Chairman, Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, Cyprus
    Paul Judge, President, Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom
    Natalya Kaspersky, Chief Executive Officer, InfoWatch, Russia
    Anil Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Ransat Group, United Kingdom
    Mikhail V. Kuzovlev, Chairman, Bank of Moscow, Russia
    Peter Loukianoff, Chairman, Third Rome Black River Ventures, USA
    Sheikh Saif bin Hashil Al-Maskery, Chairman, Al Mahfadha Investments, Oman
    Vachara Phanchet, Chairman, Sittipol Holdings, Thailand
    Ilya Ponomarev, Chairman, Innovation & Venture Capital Subcommittee of the State Duma, Russia
    Alena Popova, Co-founder, Startup Women, Russia
    Fedor D. Pospelov, Chairman, TRUST National Bank, Russia
    Salavat Rezbaev, Chairman, New Age Capital Partners, Russia
    Suren O. Vardanyan, Director General, Moscow Investment and Export Promotion Agency, Russia

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